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Integrated University Management System (IUMS)

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Integrated University Managment System

IUMS covers the entire life-cycle of students starting from admission through degree completion. In addition, university authority will be able to manage the back-office processes of the institution such as Accounting, Personnel Management, Payroll Management and Inventory in an integrated real time manner. 

IUMS provides all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of a university management at any point in time and thus allows the management to focus on quality education more, back office process less. IUMS offers efficiency to core operations like Admission, Result Processing, Registration, Fee Management etc. It saves time, requires less resource and provide coherence among the departments.

Academic Modules of IUMS

Enables prospective students to apply for admission to the institution via an online platform. It streamlines the application process and collects necessary information.

Manages class schedules, ensuring that courses are offered at appropriate times and locations. It helps students plan their academic calendar.

Provides students with an online portal where they can access essential services, such as course registration, grades, and communication with faculty.

Allows students to express interest in specific courses or programs before official registration begins. It helps institutions gauge demand and plan accordingly.

Facilitates student enrollment in courses for a given semester. Students select their classes, and the system ensures they meet prerequisites and other requirements.

Handles recording and distribution of student grades. It calculates GPAs, generates transcripts, and communicates results to students.

Manages financial aspects related to student fees, tuition, and other charges. It handles billing, payment tracking, and fee waivers.

Oversees library resources, including book circulation, cataloging, and user accounts. It ensures efficient access to materials for students and faculty.

Provides educators with an online interface to manage course content, attendance, grading, and communication with students.

Sends automated messages to students and staff via SMS (text messages) and email. Notifications include important updates, reminders, and announcements.

Back-Office Modules of IUMS

Handles financial transactions, including recording income, expenses, and managing ledgers. It ensures accurate financial reporting and compliance with accounting standards.

Tracks and manages stock levels, product movement, and storage. It helps organizations optimize inventory, reduce wastage, and maintain adequate supplies.

Focuses on managing employee information, such as hiring, onboarding, performance evaluations, and benefits administration. It streamlines HR processes and ensures compliance with labor laws.

Calculates and processes employee salaries, deductions, and tax withholdings. It ensures timely and accurate payment to staff members.

Employee attendance, leaves, and time-off requests. It helps manage vacation days, sick leave, and other absences efficiently.

Oversees the lifecycle of physical assets (e.g., equipment, machinery, vehicles). It handles asset acquisition, depreciation, maintenance, and disposal.

Key features of IUMS

All modules are seamlessly integrated. For instance, after student registration, bills are automatically generated in the billing module, and Accounts Receivable is updated in the Accounting module.

IUMS calculates late fines for a program or batch in one go, streamlining the process. It factors in dues, payments, and payment schedules, saving significant manual effort.

Students with outstanding amounts can be automatically blocked from registration, exams, library services, etc., based on their payment status.

Every user’s access to specific functions can be customized—making them accessible or inaccessible as needed.

Handles intricate degree requirements, including prerequisites, elective courses, and specialized tracks.

Provides an online platform for both students and teachers to access course information, assignments, grades, and communication.

Maintains a detailed record of system activities, user interactions, and changes made within the system.

Based on the syllabus and the student’s current status, IUMS proposes suitable courses for the upcoming semester. It considers prerequisites, course equivalence, waivers, retakes, major/minor requirements, and priorities.

Students can select courses or choose sections for the next semester using lab computers or the web. If allowed, they can complete registration from anywhere, eliminating long queues on campus. IUMS handles probation, maximum course load, etc., while university management controls the schedule for specific programs or batches.

Management receives automated critical information via email and SMS, including admission counts, registration progress, and schedule changes. Students can also be notified about class changes or cancellations.

Essential reports, such as certificates, transcripts, grade reports, and attendance sheets, are readily available for printing.

  • Course Add
  • Course Drop
  • Course Withdrawal
  • Course Transfer/ Waiver

This feature allow students to manage their course enrollments effectively. Within specified deadlines, students can add or drop courses as needed. Additionally, the system handles course transfers and waivers, allowing students to request changes based on specific requirements or circumstances.

Generates class schedules while avoiding time conflicts between courses.

Simplifies the process of defining faculty roles, department structures, and academic programs within the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IUMS serves as an integrated university management system that is a system that connects, controls, & integrates all the departments, internal processes, & automates all the key operations like admissions, registrations, fee administration, and result processing, allowing for real-time communication and cooperation throughout the institution.

IUMS offers numerous benefits to educational institutions. It allows for the consolidation and integration of various administrative processes, including admissions, registrations, fee management, and result processing. Additionally, it enables efficient tracking of critical information such as student records, academic performance, and financial data. The system also facilitates automated communication and notifications, ensuring stakeholders stay informed about important updates and changes. With IUMS, university management can remotely monitor key metrics and performance indicators, facilitating informed decision-making and optimizing overall operations.

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